March 29, 2017

Lifestyle News Updates Highlights of March 2017

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 Highlights of March 2017 
  • India 10th largest business travel market: Report
  • Coffee sales challenge tea in Asia
  • Indian consumers are most optimistic
  • Mobile app usage up 43% YoY in India
  • China to be world's 2nd biggest wine market by 2020
  • Chinese shoppers boost Aussie brands
  • Mobile payment quickly replacing old methods in China
  • McKinsey: Rides top popularity charts
    • SE Asian consumers want a quick web
    • Asian millennials face tough future
    • ATM card is most popular collateral for Filipinos
    • Vietnam’s growing expensive taste for foreign fruit and vegetables
    • Vietnam's caffeine thirst puts it in world's top growing coffee markets
    • Vietnamese consumer firms in the spotlight of foreign investors in 2017 given their robust growth potential
    • APAC consumers demand data protection
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    April- 2017
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